Thursday, June 30, 2011

5th day : Musics + Lyrics = Songs

I'm sure everybody need music in their life... 

MUSIC????? you know that music promotes health to us???


is one of the problem that we usually have in our daily life..if we fail to manage it, it will spoil our health.. and bring many negative effects to us...


don't worry!!!!there is a way that can help us to manage our stress that is by having


besides,music therapy also can cure diseases in our life...

for more info,please click here ====>  Music Therapy 

On the other hand, i think musics will be more wonderful if it is combine with a meaningful 

for me, lyrics are one of the most important thing in a song..

its content will make us more understand and we also can feel the message of the lyrics more than we aspects.. =p

but beware...don't dedicate any songs to anybody..this will cause misunderstanding or maybe more than that...make sure the theme of the songs that you pick is suitable ^__^


I love songs so much..and i think i can't live without it....not only to entertain myself but also to worship god...
Besides,singing is enjoyable and fun ...and it still related to music + lyrics... ngeh~ngeh~ngeh..!!!!  

Love to hear the future love of my life to sing for me!!lols..~~dreaming~~

if i manage to find out who is that man?????hua3

No matter who is that guy..and if it does happen to me, i'll appreciate it because i know it is sincerely from the bottom of his (although his voice is not as i aspected...lols..joking..hihi)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In your life,there are many words that will change any condition in your life..

one of the word that really affect our life is


i believe, some of the people in the world have to faces hard situation in their life to defend or maintain their relationship status....

there are many type of relationship that we have..that is :

1.Relationship with God

a relationship with God is so pure and came from deep inside your is the best relationship we could ever have in our life forever.. no matter what our religion are,i know we will have same feeling toward this type of relationship..we must obey what we have learn depends on what our religion taught  us.... differentiate what is right and wrong??? what we should and shouldn't??? =p

2.Family membership

This is one of the most important relationship that we have in our life...Family members are the people that will support us no matter in what situation we go through (happy,sad,shocked and many more).... and this type of relation will last as long as our  blood circulate in our body and also until the end of our life!!!


I have my own quotation in friendship... "Nothing is precious than friendship"... lol... for me,my friends are the color of my life... but beware when in this relationship..... some of your friend might stab from your back... or bring bad influence to you.... but its up to your own decision....  not all of our friends are bad and not all your friends are good...believe in yourself and just follow your heart.... =)

4.Special relationship

Special relationship is a feeling to be with a person. You want to have him/her in your life to make your life more meaningful.. this situation require commitment from both of the lovers.. if one of them is not committed, then problems will,if you  love your special relationship, give your full commitment...  and if this relationship is succeed for both, it will upgrade to family membership.... lols

No matter what kind of relationship in this world, 
all of it are related with 

love   love

and also about our 


however,i wish all of us could live happily!! make a right decision in your life...and smile always... =p

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3rd day : Photography!!

 On the day that i'm in mood in 


i decided to pick my little cuzzy,   GEGIRL as my victim....lols

sounds bad right??actually,i need her help to be the model...a cute 6 years old girl...=p

I put on some make up to her....dressed her up and suggest her some pose in some different places..

so, here's the result....

Innocent face...lols!! just kidding...

American next top model!!?? who knows??lol

Looking to the future!! hua3

How about this one??


I love this pose!!!

Wow!!looks like princess to me....=)

Peace everyone!!! ^_^

go green!!!! =p

This is one of my mother's collection!!

Waiting for someone???? lols


I love this pic although the lightning is not good..huhuhu

Enjoy the smell of the flower!!~~ngeh~~ngeh~~

Hello!!! =)

Some of other photos :

There will be more soon!!! hihihhi.. love this so much...
thanks to my little cuzzy.. ^__^

2nd day : Avocado's Nestum are you??today I'm not feeling very well..feeling nausea...bluek...but for the sake of my 30 days challenge, i make myself stronger to update my blog today!! ngeh~ngeh~ngeh

NESTUM is one of the food that i like in my life...its very common to everyone..but have you heard about

i dont know what i should call it,so,i decided to call it as stated above...lols.
its one of the secret recipe that i did today...lols...

Here are some steps to make the Avocado's Nestum....

1. Firstly, cut the avocado into small pieces..

Then,blend the avocado..but make sure not over blend it.. or else,it will become juice.. =)

After that,add some of sweetened produce a delicious taste of avocado's nestum

Mix them.. =p nyum3

After you finish mix the avocado with sweetened milk, the Avocado's nestum are ready for

My mummy enjoy the taste for the nestum.... hihihi

Monday, June 27, 2011

1st Day : Introducing ME =)

Since this is the first day for my blogging challenge, i guess i just introduce about myself...hihi  maybe some of the readers already know about me but maybe some of my profile is missing in your


NICK NAME : In,iyen(usually the children..hahaha),dor, and some of my friends call me ren

siblings : 3 (younger sister,younger brother and me) i am the eldest...hihi

 RACE : actually,my daddy is dusun and my mummy is kadazan.. i think we should follow father's race right??? but in my birth certificate is,i'm confuse.....zZzZz... =p

Zodiac sign : TAURUS

Male or Female : FEMALE

Elementary : SRK ST ANNE

High School : SMSL

College : KML 

Hair color : BLACK

Long or short : LONG

 Height : not measure yet but its 155cm (2007)

Weight : 50++ and 60--

Religious Views : Roman Catholic

Interest : Fashion (although i'm not fasionable... =p) , make up ( especially for my 

"victim" -my mum- my sist- and my little cuzzy-)

Fav. food : i think..haha..i love lots of food actually

Fav. drink : warm chinese tea , wheatgrass juice, cendol !!! =p

Fav. sports : Basketball, 4x100m , cross country running

fav beverage : KITKAT

fav. juice : Avocado juice

fav. fish (food) : yummy!!

FAVORITE COLORS: pink, purple, silver..

books that i like : i love, love books that related to fashion (even thought i'm not fashionable person... =p)

things that i like : transparent stuff .. hihi

movies that i like : vivah (an indiaan movies...its all about love...hahah) , a walk to remember

television series that i like : boys over flower , marimar , the tenth kingdom , The cave of the golden rose (my childhood TV

songs that i listened = depends on my mood...=p

Got any Pets = yup....several
thing that i wish i could change about my life : change back the thing that i regret in my life


 Lips or eyes = EYES   

Hugs or kisses= HUGS

 Shorter or taller = BOTH. hua3

Older or Younger = CHILDHOOD?? =p

 Romantic or spontaneous = ROMANTIC of 

Nice stomach or nice arms = TUMMY

Sensitive or loud = LOUD

 Hook-up or relationship = RELATION 

 Trouble maker or hesitant = NONE

since today (26/06/2011) is my bro's birthday,i have no free time to update my blog..but..i started to blogging on 26's, i guess its still

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is The Challenge!!!

Hm.........kali ni cuti sem mmg terlalu la lama...jadi saya mengambil keputusan untuk mencabar diri saya sendiri..hihi...bukan cabar apa2 tapi mau buat 30 days blogging challenge.....!!!!!!!!!!

masalahnya,boleh kah saya menyahut cabaran tersebut??hurm.....

I WILL!!!haha.....Lagipun ini akan mendisiplinkan diri saya kunun la kn??hihi

apa pun,saya ingat mau mula start (suda la mula,start lagi..hhi) 1 JULAI ba tu...tapi....

saya ambil keputusan mau ambil tarikh 26/06/2011 la sebagai tarikh keramat challenge saya tu bermula...

THE REASON is you,

1. my bro bertday on that day..hihi...jadi senang mau ingat la kunun....kih3

2. untuk memperingati arwah no. hp sy yang hujung dia 0626 tu...i miss that number..huhu  =')

so,this challenge will END on 25/07/2011....hihihi

but the content is not listed ..jadi sy rasa bagus saya pick up topic dia secara random jak nnt...bila tiba saat dia la...hihihhihihi

apa pun,sy harap pembaca2 yang baca blog sy samada yang follow sy or tidak enjoy la baca apa yang sy post (walaupun boring la...sikit2...aiseh)

Till then....see you soon!!!!!

p/s : sempat lagi sy "HAVE a BREAK with KITKAT ni!!!!!! hihhihh


Friday, June 17, 2011

MUST read THIS!!!!!

This is the tips to prevent you from getting


did you know that drink cold water often will make you prone to get heart attack????

here some info about ====> EFFECTS OF COLD WATER  

Please be a true friend and send this article to all your friends you care about.

This article may be helpful to all of us.... ^__^

It will not harm you but will give you positive effects in your daily 

life besides helping the one that you care and love.. 

To ANYONE that love to have COLD DRINKS, you are welcome to read this article...

As we all know,it is nice to have COLD DRINKS especially when it comes the hot 
weather and after we have our meals... However, this action will frost
 the food that you eat..especially the food that contains fats and oil...

In this situation,in will affect the food processing in your stomach...
it will become slower than usual...

When all the fats stuck at your intestines, it will affect your veins
and will make you get disease easily...

So,one of the way to prevent those situation to happen is by drinking 
warm water 


having soups as one of your meal's menu...hehe

let us spread this and help other people!!!
even you can help yourself when you read this article...
that's all from me..



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